Elisabeth Fritzl — Who Spent 24 Years In Her Father’s Prison

girl locked
The daughter of Josef Fritzl, Elizabeth.

She was lured by her father when she was 18 into a chamber under their house where she was locked in for 24 years. And in those 24 years she was raped, brutally abused and was forced to bear multiple children with her own father, some of the babies died and she had to watch them get burned in front of her. She was finally freed in 2008 and testified the whole thing, after coming out of that place she had to live with this embarrassment of having incest children with her own father, so it wasn’t just her life but the lives of the children who had to live with the fact they are inbred children who will have a difficult time living in the outside world. Elizabeth had to be completely shut off from the public and to this day is living completely isolated and has missed over two thirds of her life. An entire adulthood where she could’ve been free from the clutches of her father, wasted. As for Frtizl too, he was a brilliant engineer but there was something in his sick head that turned him into a sexual deviant (he had history of sexual misconduct prior to this) and cost him his potential to be a normal man and his family’s reputation.

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