Princes using Wives as a betting object.

Saudi prince lost $359 million (Rs 2000 crore) and five of his nine wives in six hours while playing poker at a casino.

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is infamous worldwide for his drugs and gambling habits but the latest incident came quite as a surprise to everyone.

Allegedly, the prince was spending the week at the Sinai Grand Casino and having a fun time at the ‘unlimited stakes’ poker table and went on a losing spree. Apart from losing millions of dollars he was forced to give up his five wives in order to cover up a part of his loss. The director of the casino later revealed that the prince gambled his spouses in exchange for $25 million.

He also said that though several times in the past customers have bet on living creatures including their camels and horses but this is the first time that someone pawned his wife and left them there after he lost. It is unclear what will now happen to the wives. There are rumours that the other members of the royal family would buy them back over the next few weeks and they will be returned back to Saudi Arabia.

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