Shocking facts about ancient India


  1. Sex was not considered a taboo in ancient India. People talked about it freely.
  2. Sanatan dharma is the path which Indians follow. It was not limited to any particular gender – male or female. It gave men and women equal opportunities in all fields of life.
  3. During the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, in the Gupta age, women had the liberty to remarry, if their spouse was banished, had died or was impotent.
  4. The art in India was never questioned and criticised, even if displayed sexual acts of love. People had an open approach towards things and the same boldness can be seen by us today on the walls of Khajuraho and Markandeswar temples​.
  5. Mahabharata mentions that if women did not want to be intimate, no man could force her. Men were supposed to control themselves in such situations and walk on the path of righteousness. A man was never allowed to beat his wife or treat her in an ill manner.
  6. No issues was created over women’s virginity. The intactness of hymen was never questioned.



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