Microsoft’s Cloud Data Center under water????


“50% of us live near the coast. Why doesn’t our data?” says Microsoft

Water and electronics usually don’t mix. But Microsoft thinks dumping computers in the ocean might be the wave of future. Where companies like Facebook and Google prefer to move their data center to colder countries to reduce their air conditioning bill, Microsoft has come up with an even better home for data centers while cutting high energy costs for cooling them: Under the Sea.

Microsoft has tested a prototype of a self-contained data center that can operate hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean, eliminating one of the technology industry’s most expensive problems: the air-conditioning bill.

The testing is part of Microsoft’s plan dubbed Project Natick — an ongoing research project to build and run a data center that is submerged in the ocean, which the company believes, could make data centers faster, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and easier to set up.

(Image Source: Google)

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