Amazing facts of domain


A guy bought “” domain for just $12 in 2015 when Google mistakenly put its on own domain name on sale.

Google had to pay $12,000 to get it back, still a pretty small amount when you consider that IT’S GOOGLE, the most visited website on the internet.

The guy, Sanmay Ved, was an ex-Googler and was just messing around. Just for fun, he typed “” in the Google Domains Interface, a Google service that sells domain names for websites. Surprisingly, it showed “available”.

Just for the heck of it, he decided to buy it. He didn’t really expect the purchase to go through but guess what, IT DID! He even got the confirmation for the domain being transferred to him and all of the other formalities that happen when you buy a domain.

Soon after, he was contacted by Google Security team who offered him a reward. The angel of a guy said that it was never about the money and he wanted them to donate the amount to charity. And being the awesome company they are, Google decided to double the amount and then donated it all to charity.

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