Copying Abilities of Chinese! which is making them worlds largest copy cat.


China economy find it’s niche in mass manufacturing and when you have most of the parts available, How hard will be to finish an already successful product in market

This lead to huge market of copying in Chinese economy

  1. World’s Most luxury car : Rolls Royce

and now the Chinese version for just 14000 euros.

such a precision in copying activites.

There is no question for their ability to copy. These guys totally excel in that.

Every luxury car you can name, Chinese replica market has got the same in their stock.

Go on , have a look ahead.

2. Eiffel Tower in Paris :

Now the Chinese version

Amazed right.?

Oh ! there is a lot more coming.

3. Rolex watch: Very very expensive. I don’t even know the price .

And that is how they roll in china :

Good Lord! I Need a break. I need a coffee.

Have it here.

Haha! This is Chinese starbucks.

Need a beer.?

Don’t worry china got this too:

4. In markets in Shanghai you get good knock offs of Louis Vuitton bags for $25, North Face jackets for $26, Cartier wallets for $15, Callaway and Taylor-Made golf clubs fr $12.50 and Wilson tennis racket for $10.

If a customer doesn’t see what he wants he can leaf through a counterfeit goods catalog and order a copy of what he likes. Truck parts, brake pads and pharmaceuticals are also available.

Companies are sometimes reluctant to advertise because often all that does is boost sales for the counterfeiters.

5. Counterfeit(Copy,Replica) banknotes are so common cashiers scrutinize every 50 yuan or 100 yuan ($6 or $12) bill. In stores you can find Chinese oranges with fake Sunkist labels.

6.The quality of counterfeits is improving. Some times even pros are fooled and counterfeits have made their way into legitimate distribution channels and end up in stores where people think they are buying the real things.

One study by Itallian authorities in the early 2000s found that fake Rolex watches were so well made—including the internal identifying marks like those stamped inside real Rolexes—that even people at Rolex had difficulty distinguishing them as fakes. Sometimes as much as $2,500 would go into making a counterfeit Rolex that sold for $12,000 or more in a jewelry shop.

Now , this shocking statement from one of the Chinese executive:

A media executive in Shanghai who earns $80,000 a year told the Washington Post:

I realized the quality of counterfeit stuff is not bad at all, and the price is one-tenth of the real products. I have never felt embarrassed to carry a fake. I have good taste, and I know what is quality and what is isn’t…It is not as if I buy the bag just because of the brand. It has to be a style I like.”

7. Fake iPhones:

A vendor who was selling fake iPhone 4s for about $100 in Beijing told the Washington Post, “You can’t tell the difference between this and the real thing.” He said he was selling the fakes at a rate of over 1,000 a month and even though he offered a money guarantee no one had returned a phone, The phones he sold even used real iPhone accessories such as chargers and earphones.

Fake iPad were selling for $150 in Shanghai in August 2010 as opposed to $1,000 for the real ones.

8.) 3 out of every 4 counterfeit product is made in China!

While this may not seem surprising at first it is only when we take this in context of the scale of global piracy that we can see how rampant an industry this is in China. A 2013 article from the Financial Times reports that the counterfeiting problem has become so bad in China it is causing many foreign brands to shy away from manufacturing in China at the risk that their product will be easily counterfeited.

  • The amount of counterfeit goods traded annually is greater than the GDP of 150 of the world’s countries.
  • An International Chamber of Commerce report estimates the total value of counterfeit and pirated goods globally could be as high as $1.77 Trillion. To put that number into perspective, that value is roughly equal to the annual nominal GDP of Canada – the 11th biggest economy in the world!

Anything you can think of !

Everything is available in the Chinese Copy Version.


These guys are strongest in the world when it comes to copying ability.


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