Crazy Things That Only Happen In India

Rs 13 (0.24 USD) for two meals: Amma’s canteens make Chennai smile

The breakfast menu of idli sambar at Rs 1 per idli, and a lunch menu consisting of sambar rice (price Rs 5) and curd rice at Rs 3, has made the state’s staple meals affordable for all.
If you have Rs 13 in your pocket, you can have two square meals a day.
Amma Eatery therefore makes a lot of economic sense for people across all sections of society, and some have even begun to dub it the ‘people’s canteen’ .

Billionaires build entire skyscrapers and live in them as homes

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani built a 400,000 square foot, 27-story building called Antilla that was estimated to cost $1 billion. His family and their staff are the only occupants of his home.

spend tens of millions of dollars on weddings

India’s wedding market is an estimated $11 billion and wealthy Indians are spending money not just on food and ferrying guests about, but also on “thank you gifts” and invites.

Parents induce labor to deliver babies at auspicious times

Superstitious parents in India are known to have c-sections, or to plan ahead and induce labor at times that are considered auspicious. Some Hindus believe that being born at a certain time will better a child’s future.

Chillies are used as weapons

The Indian military chose to turn the world’s hottest chili, “bhut jolokia” or “ghost chili” into a weapon.

Bonus – Men spend thousands of dollars on gold shirts

Indian business man Datta Phuge spent $230,888 on a gold shirt. He told the Pune Mirror “I know “I am not the best looking man in the world but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt”.
Back in 2011, designer Amitabh Chandel said he made a $93,000 shirt of silk, gold and solitaire diamonds for an Indian prince.

Bootleggers mix up their brands

This store is selling Nike-Puma slippers.

People put up photos of deities on building walls to prevent public urination

Nearly 50 percent of India’s population is said not to have a toilet at home and public defecation is a huge problem. BBC columnist Rahul Tandon wrote about a home where people had put up photos of Indian deities to prevent people from urinating on their walls. This was also mentioned in Rohinton Mistry’s 1991 novel, “Such A Long Journey.”

Realtors advertise buildings just for Brahmins

Even though it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, or gender, developers and realtors often advertise apartments for rent/sale for certain religious groups or certain castes.




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