Temples of Duryodhana

This may come as a surprise to many people.Since he was considered the main antagonist and the epitome of Adharma in the epic Mahabharata and worshiping him means to go against the Lord Krishna who had taken birth to destroy all people who engage in Adharma and establish Dharma on earth.This is considered injustice by Hindus towards Krishna and his devotees, as Duryodhana was a villain in the great epic

1. Worshipping Duryodhan in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand:-

22 villages of  Fateh mountain shrines,Panch Gai, Osla Netwad, and Harki Doon worship  Duryodhan. It is also stated that there are temples of Duryodhan and Kauravas in every village of this area.

  The biggest temple of Duryodhan is in Netwad-jakhol-Osla. It is believed that Duryodhan protected the inhabitant of this area and when Duryodhan was killed the people of this region wept so vigorously that Tamas(tones) river emerged in the area.

There are many festivals related to Kaurav-Duryodhan worshipping. The biggest festival is celeberated in Baishakh. People keep jagran in night and a man who is affected by the soul of lord Duryodhan goes meeting place of Rupan and Supan rivers to attend the conference of Bhoots chaired by Yamraj. He asks the questions to Bhoots and Yamraj and comes back at third period of night.

      People offer sheep to lord Duryodhan. It is believed that offering sheep to lord Duryodhan protects bad evils.  There is a folk story that a person did not offer sheep to lord Duryodhana and he died instantly.

People sing the following folk song for worshipping lord Duryodhana and other Kauravas.           

2. Worshipping Duryodhan in Kerala:-

There is a temple dedicated to Duryodhan and Kauravas in Kollam district of Kerala called Malanada Temple. Duryodhan is worshipped in Malanada temple as ‘Malayappooppam’.Duryodhan is chief deity of this area. The Kurava community of Kollam area worships Duryodhan as their chief deity.
There are small shrines and idols of Bhishm, Drona, Karna, and Dushla in the Malanada temple of Duryodhan.

The rituals are as per Dravidian styles in Duryodhan temple. The worshipers offer deity Duryodhan and other deities local liquor (toddy), betel nuts, rooster, arrack and red clothes in Duryodhan temple- Malanada .

Kurava community the devotee of Duryodhan celebrates Malakuda festival in March at the Duryodhan temple. The procession ‘Kettukazhcha’ is organized for Malakuda festival in  Kollam district.



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