Ya! There is no dettol in dettol(s).
Sounds awkward right. Let me clear this.
This can be called an awesome marketting strategy by ‎Reckitt Benckiser.
What I mean to say is, there is no dettol(the antiseptic liquid) in any of the Dettol’s products.

Dettol(the antiseptic solution) is one of the most trusted liquids in India. And Indians(not all of them) often buy other Dettol products just because they think that they are as safe and reliable as the original anti-septic. But, they are wrong. The main component/ingredient of the antiseptic liquid is Chloroxylenol. All the other products from Dettol, ranging from soaps and sanitizers to floor cleaners and multiuse liquid smell the same as the antiseptic dettol liquid but does not have even one component in common. Let alone Chloroxylenol.
Not even one!
This is the original dettol(liquid) I am talking about. The only thing that comes to our mind when we get a cut.

And these are all other products by ‎Reckitt Benckiser, which are sold beacuse the name ‘Dettol’ is attached to them but does not have anything in common.

None of these products have anything common with the famous antiseptic liquid, except that characteristic smell which makes buyers fall for them for no logical reason.
All these products are as good as any other of their competing products but they have an upper hand in the market just because some silly(not all) Indians think that their favorite antiseptic liquid is in them and hence are safer, more trustworthy and just better than any other stuff that does the same thing.

If you don’t believe me check this out.
This is what the Dettol First Aid Antiseptic liquid’s back look like:

Notice ‘Chloroxylenol’ written as the active ingredient.

Now, here are some other Dettol products:

Can you see Chloroxylenol anywhere?
But all these smell the same as the antiseptic liquid.

Edit :

  • I have no intention to hurt the brand image. And I said It’s “an awesome marketing strategy” and not something related to ‘fooling people’ or anything.
    I just don’t know any better way to put what’s in my head…
  • I don’t mean to call people who use these products ‘idiots’.
    Some of the people(some) who use these products don’t know the fact aforementioned. And I myself know a lot people who have Dettol soaps in their bathrooms just because they think that it has the same liquid as they have in their first aid box.
    So, this answer is dedicated to all those people who have this misconception that ‘Dettol’=Antiseptic.
    You may or may not be one of them.


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