Government who held world’s biggest secret data of their people

In cold era, every people in East Germany are being watched by the government or by the neighbours or even by their family members. East Germany,or german democratic republic was a socialist state of the Central-western Europe during cold era. It is the part of Germany that was occupied by Soviet forces at the end of world war-2. The East Germany secret police kept eye on each and every people and created the documents in the form of images, audio, video, written notes etc. This operation is known as one of the most oppressive spying operations ever held. They created millions of files of people who were suspected of enemies of the state. At 1990, with the fall of USSR, East Germany got dissolved but the data that its police contained remain as usual. This massive archive includes 69 miles of shelved documents, 1.8 millions of images,30,300 video and audio recordings held in 13 offices in Germany.

STASI: The east Germany secret police is also known as the ministry for state security(Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, in german) was the official secret service police of German Democratic Republic(GDR). STASI came into existence in 1950 just after one year of GDR. It has been described as the world’s most effective and repressive, secret police ever existed. Until 1988, It employed 91000 people and a network of 189,000 unofficial employees who worked as supplier of data. Following GDR dissolution, it reunited with the Germany and preserved everything STASI had. Anyone who grew under east Germany can see these databases and since 1991, 2.9 million people have accessed them.

The stasi archives includes 69 miles of shelved documents about german citizens.

Some of the 1.8 million film canisters and photographs in the archives.

A lounge in the former ministry of state security.


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