Huge varieties of people with rare characteristics

  1. Man With Half Head:- An accident is responsible for Carlos’s appearance. After flying through a windshield in a car crash, he landed on this head, crushing the upper portion of his skull.

2. Man With No Fat: – Tom has an extremely rare condition called MDP syndrome, it’s so rare that only 8 cases in the entire world have ever been reported. Due to this syndrome, he has zero percent fat in his body.

3. Shortest Man On The Planet:- Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal was a shortest living person in recorded history for whom there is irrefutable evidence, measuring only 54.6 cm.

4. Yu Zhenhuan (Hairiest Man On Earth):- This real living breathing human from China. Due to a rare condition, 96 percent of his body is covered in hairs.

5. Man With Biggest Mouth:- Francisco Domingo Joaquim has the world’s widest mouth. He came into world’s attention couple of years ago, when his large mouth stunts went viral on YouTube. He can put an entire coke can in his mouth without any problem.

6. Man With Stretchiest Skin:- Gary Turner suffer from an extreme case of a rare genetic disorder that has weakened his skin. He can stretch his skin to extreme levels, which seems impossible to be done by any human.

7. Dirtiest Man On Earth:- Amoo Hadji is a real man who hasn’t bathed for 60 years. He lives in a small village of Iran, and uses a grave pit to sleep.


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