Worst piece of news in the Indian Media

  • This is how Hindustan Times paid tribute to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the “man” (moon).
    • Gay editor?

  • 2. This headline from Deccan Chronicle. Yes, penetrated for the first time.

  • 3. When Economic Times made this headline boob.

  • 4. When Mumbai Mirror turned the International Space Station into a militant extremist group.

  • 5. TOI wanted to be little creative and different, so they came up with this headline. Worst ever!
    • Many sites including Bleacher Report and the Huffington Post declared that it is one of the the worst headlines ever written in the history of newspaper.

  • 6. And they also killed the wrong Osama Bin Laden with their headline.
    • Obama found with youngest wife? LOL…

  • 7. India Today published this fake news about ‘woman uploading 12 million pictures on Facebook’ as real breaking news.
    • Is it humanly possible to upload millions of pictures on Facebook in just one day? Yes, if you are an India Today web editor. India Today wasn’t aware of the satirical American news site The Onion. So, they did what they are actually good at – Copying and Rewording news from internationals news sites and publishing on their site as their own without citing the original sources. Fooled by The Onion!

  • 8. And they did it again! Website running slow due to fog, seriously?
    • This is why you should never blindly believe everything you read online. This India Todaycopywriter has never heard of Faking News, so he reworded this satire from the site and published it. Fog affecting website traffic?

  • 9. This sports editor who accidentally RIPed Sachin Tendulkar.

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