Hwang Woo Suk – The worst scientist who ever lived

He was a professor of biotechnology and theriogenology at Seoul National University. In 2005, he became incredibly famous the world over for claiming that he had been successful in cloning human embryonic stem cells and he even had two of his reports appear in the journal “Science” (this magazine is a big thing). He was becoming a big shot in South Korea and they even named him “Pride of Korea.”

Now to cut a long story short, it turned out he was lying the whole time. Being a completely inept scientist, his first critique was by the journal Nature which claimed that he had committed ethical violations by using eggs from the black market. He initially denied the claim but then ceded to it. Shortly afterwards, it was found that his “human cloning experiment” was a lie created by him and that he was a fraud.

In 2006, he was charged with embezzlement and violations of bioethics law after it, as mentioned before, became known that much of his stem cell research was completely fake. He was fired from the Seoul national University in 2007, and the government of South Korea cancelled his financial support and barred him from engaging in human stem cell research. He has kept a relative low profile since then at the Sooam Bio-engineering Research Institute where he is now experimenting with pig embryos.

Then, in 2011, he visited Libya as part of a 133 million dollar project to construct a stem cell research center, but for obvious reasons (Arab Spring) the whole thing was shortly cancelled.

He is now working with a Chinese Biotech company in order to produce cow embryos due to the increased demand of quality beef in China. They hope to be able to produce 1 million cattle embryos per year.



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