Shoes with Interchangeable Heels

Tanya Heath, Parisian shoe designer, is now selling shoes that switch from high, to low heels, with just a push of a button.

The concept is a bit like swapping watch bands. But this idea is for more than just looks. After all, many women, including me, love the look of high heels, but can’t stand or walk in heels for more than 20 minutes. Tieks ballet flats remain my go-to-shoe.

Tanya Heath shoes are sold without heels, so you have to buy the shoe and the heal(s) separately — a bit like some bathing suit tops and bottoms. So you can mix and match, selecting not only the heel height, but also the colors and finishes.

There are approximately 30 types of Shoes including, sandals, pumps, low boot, and boots. Some samples below:

And then, about 200 different Heels, including trotter, stiletto, kitten, and cuban available. Some samples below:

Assuming that all the shoes and heels go together, there are ~ 6,000 permutations available.

The shoes and heels are made of Italian and French leather.

Tanya Heath is aiming for the Jimmy Choo & Christian Louboutin market and shoes range in price from 360-515€ and the heels from 25-70€.

If anyone has tried these, please post in the comments


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