The worst king in Indian history – Jaichand Gahadwal

“Jaichand Gahadwal” ruler of Kannauj, father of“ Sahyogita” yeah Princess of kannauj who eloped with Delhi Naresh ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’,Maternal grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan, Raja Anangpal gave Delhi to him. In this grudge, “Jaichand ”became enemy of “Prithviraj”. He wanted to finish Prithviraj and affair of Prithviraj with Sahyogita came as a big insult to him. Therefore in order to avenge his loss, he befriended “Mohammed shahbuddin ghori”, ruler of Ghor (present day Afghanistan)

When ghori invaded India in 1192, for the 2nd time, after a humiliating defeat from Prithviraj, this time with a bigger army, Prithviraj united with all the kings to form a big army. He also invited Jaichand but he declined. Instead he became ally of ghori in the fire of taking revenge

Ultimately Prithviraj was defeated, blinded by inserting hot iron in his eyes and martyred at Ghor.

After his defeat Jaichand was also beheaded by ghori.

And an “Islamic empire” was established in Delhi which subsequently expanded to other parts of the country.

Thus country paid a huge price because Delhi sultanate got established and Hindus were humiliated, murdered and their humiliation continued for centuries that ended with our partition.

Had Prithviraj not been ditched by Jaichand history would be way different.

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