Check the people who make you ashamed of being Human

The four Valenzuela sisters had enough. They were tired of poverty, tired of their abusive father, and tired of being harassed by villagers who hated their father even more than they did.

Bye to El Salto de Jaunacatlan, Jalisco, forever, and on to San Francisco del Rincon to start their lives over.

The year was 1945. Prostitution in Mexico was a respectable business. The sisters weren’t talented and weren’t educated, but they certainly were not lacking in ambition. With few available choices, the Valenzuela’s set up their business. “Rancho El Ángel” was a bordello featuring, you guessed it, the four sisters. An attached bar was added to increase the allure.

Business was good, but the sisters wanted to expand. None of them were attractive. They knew what was needed. An advertisement was placed in the local papers: House maids needed; free room and board, plus good wages. Young females only.

The response was great. Those who showed up, and there were plenty, did get free room and board. But, no wages. They were to work as sex slaves, never to step outside.

Despite their booming business, the sisters wanted to expand even further. They hired mercenaries to kidnap girls along the border with the United States. Virgins who were brought in were set-aside for special customers who paid higher rates to perform the “deflowering”.

More bordellos were set up. First one, then another, and another, and another. But the prostitutes, never saw a dime for their dreadful duties. They were all enslaved, forced to take heroin and cocaine.

If someone got sick, she was killed. If someone tried to run away, she was killed. If someone refused to work, she was killed. If someone wasn’t popular with the customers, she was killed. If someone got noticeably pregnant, the fetus was pulled out with a hanger; any complications and the mother was killed. If a patron had a lot of money, he was killed.

After almost a decade, police picked up one of the kidnappers, a woman who attracted the bait to the men that would overpower the victims. She talked. Police searched the property and found the bodies of eighty women, eleven men, and several fetuses.

When asked for an explanation, one of the sisters reportedly said, “The food didn’t sit well with them.” Most of the bodies weren’t even on the property. Police estimated the total number killed at more than 150 and likely over 200. And the victims were not killed in a humane way. Locked in an isolated chamber, they would be starved to death. Those who were lucky got bludgeoned to death.

Tried in 1964, the Valenzuela sisters were each sentenced to forty years in prison.

One of them, pictured above, died in prison. Her body was dragged outside by the guards and fed to the village rats. Several weeks later, the remaining bones were thrown in a nearby trash can.

Human trafficking remains a major issue in the world today


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