Alla Levushkina – The oldest practicing surgeon in the world with no fatalities

An active surgeon at the age of 90, Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina is the world's oldest surgeon. She has been working as a doctor for the past 68 years and has conducted over 10,000 surgeries with no fatalities so far. A resident of Ryzan, Russia, Alla never married or had any children, as she committed her... Continue Reading →

The Incredible Effect Black Teachers Have on Black Students

Students of color perform better in school when they have at least one teacher of the same race, suggests a growing body of research. A recent study explored this phenomenon by analyzing the racial disparities among American schoolchildren and their teachers in various parts of the country and sought to understand how young adults become... Continue Reading →

Did you Know Why Bitcoin Consumes More Energy than 159 Individual Countries?

This map doesn't deal with the phenomenal rise in value of Bitcoin, nor the cryptocurrency's coming crash, which some financial experts say is as inevitable as that of any pyramid scheme. But it does provide another angle on the digital currency, which has shot up in value from $1,000 to more than $10,000 within this... Continue Reading →

How Many Years of Good Health Do You Have Left? This Calculator Can Tell You

If a scientist using an advanced AI program told you it could take all of your health and genetic information and other data, and tell you roughly when you were going to die, would you do it or choose not to know? Usually, people fall into one of two camps. In the first they say... Continue Reading →

How Internet Porn Is Changing How Men and Women Are Having Sex

  Sexual satisfaction is important for pair bonding in a relationship, as well as for one’s own psychological health. What’s more, we’re living in an age where personal fulfillment seems to be the ultimate goal. Despite this, men and women today may be having less fulfilling sex lives than in the past. One reason, the... Continue Reading →

Know How Marijuana Use Affects Sex Drive

  Do you and your lover sometimes have a glass of wine or two to help set the mood? Alcohol, while it can soften inhibitions, may also cause trouble when it comes time to perform, especially for men. Some turn to cannabis as an alternative. Unfortunately, research on how marijuana affects sexual performance is conflicting.... Continue Reading →

The 10 Greatest Living Scientists in the World Today

Ranking the world’s greatest contemporary scientists may be a no-win proposition, with inevitable questions about how to evaluate one’s contribution over another. How does a discovery in one field measure up to a discovery in a different one? And what about Richard Dawkins, where is he on this list? All reasonable questions, but ultimately we... Continue Reading →

The biggest mistake in history of technology

The public launch of Microsoft 98 was failed. Bill Gates was demonstrating Windows 98 at the Comdex computer industry trade show in Chicago. When one of employees was attempting to connect the scanner to the successor of Windows 95. Suddenly unexpected messages were being displayed on the screen and everyone in the room got to... Continue Reading →

The worst king in Indian history – Jaichand Gahadwal

“Jaichand Gahadwal” ruler of Kannauj, father of“ Sahyogita” yeah Princess of kannauj who eloped with Delhi Naresh ‘Prithviraj Chauhan',Maternal grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan, Raja Anangpal gave Delhi to him. In this grudge, “Jaichand ”became enemy of “Prithviraj”. He wanted to finish Prithviraj and affair of Prithviraj with Sahyogita came as a big insult to him.... Continue Reading →

Nation which is going to dominate in the 21st century

Geographical borders of countries change and a century is a lot of time for many new countries to be created, some even transforming themselves to a superpower. It is believed that, one nation that would dominate the 21st century is Germany. Let us see how will that work. For a nation to dominate the world,... Continue Reading →

Graphene – The game changing material in electronics industry

Take a paper and draw a line using pencil. What do you see? A line of graphite on the paper. But if you look closely at the line using microscope, you can see a stack of thick layer of carbon atoms bonded together to form a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. Pic: Graphite Layers In 2004, Two... Continue Reading →

Did You Know A Normal Indian Like Us Is The 27th Citizen Of The Country? Here Are The First 26

1. President of India 2. Vice President of India 3. Prime Minister 4. Governors of the states (within their respective states) 5. Former Presidents, 5a. Deputy Prime Minister 6. Chief Justice of India, Speaker of Loksabha 7. Union cabinet ministers, CMs of the states (within their respective states), Deputy Chairman, NITI Aayog, former PMs, Leaders... Continue Reading →

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