The biggest mistake in history of technology

The public launch of Microsoft 98 was failed. Bill Gates was demonstrating Windows 98 at the Comdex computer industry trade show in Chicago. When one of employees was attempting to connect the scanner to the successor of Windows 95. Suddenly unexpected messages were being displayed on the screen and everyone in the room got to... Continue Reading →

Graphene – The game changing material in electronics industry

Take a paper and draw a line using pencil. What do you see? A line of graphite on the paper. But if you look closely at the line using microscope, you can see a stack of thick layer of carbon atoms bonded together to form a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. Pic: Graphite Layers In 2004, Two... Continue Reading →

Some mind-blowing facts related to technology

Only 8% of the world's currency is in physical form, the rest exist on computer only. The computer in your cell phone today is million times cheaper and a thousands times more powerful and about a hundred thousands times smaller than the one computer at MIT in 1965. The first web cam was used at... Continue Reading →

Hwang Woo Suk – The worst scientist who ever lived

He was a professor of biotechnology and theriogenology at Seoul National University. In 2005, he became incredibly famous the world over for claiming that he had been successful in cloning human embryonic stem cells and he even had two of his reports appear in the journal “Science” (this magazine is a big thing). He was... Continue Reading →

Makerarm – The first robotic arm that makes anything, anywhere

Makerarm just lauched on kickstarter. It’s a penknife for the DIY world, it can make almost anything by changing the toolhead! A complete digital fabrication system for makers everywhere: 3D print, laser, carve, plot, assemble, pick/place + more on your desktop! Makerarm works with interchangeable heads for countless applications. It 3D prints: Makerarm is not confined... Continue Reading →

Lightest metal in the world, consists 99.99% of air

A metal that consists of 99.99 percent of air? While it might sound like science fiction, the microlattice, being used by Boeing, is being called the lightest material ever produced. Developed in 2011 by a research team at HRL Laboratories - owned in part by Boeing - the microlattice is being designed as a structural... Continue Reading →

Doy you know that India is the birth place of current day technology?

Indian inventions and discoveries have been instrumental in shaping the face of the current modern world. We picked up 11 such interesting findings out of a whole bunch that will make you go, “I didn’t know that”. 1. Prefabricated home and movable structure In 16th century Mughal India, during the reign of Akbar, the first prefabricated... Continue Reading →

Advancement of Technology in Health care services

Connected health or technology-enabled care (TEC) is the collective term for telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth, digital health and eHealth services. TEC involves the convergence of health technology, digital media and mobile devices and is increasingly seen as an integral part of the solution to many of the challenges facing the health, social care and wellness sectors, especially in enabling more effective integration... Continue Reading →

DNA sequencing – Innovative way of data analysys in Biology

For most of its history, biology has been a qualitative, rather than quantitative, field. Scientists studied a single patient or a single gene or a single trait, because that’s what technology allowed for. Today, DNA sequencing advances have made biology a data-rich field for the first time, and the volume of genomic data available is growing exponentially. With... Continue Reading →

Bridging the communication gap between animals and humans

Making the world’s information universally accessible is a key goal for Google. Language is one of our biggest challenges so we have targeted our efforts on removing language barriers between the species. We are excited to introduce Translate for Animals, an Android application which we hope will allow us to better understand our animal friends.... Continue Reading →

IPS (Indoor Positioning System) most advanced technology where GPS can’t, is coming soon

The American Global Positioning System and its Russian cohort GLONASS have two fundamental flaws: They don’t work indoors, and they only really operate in two dimensions. Now, these limitations are fair enough; we’re talking about an extremely weak signal that has traveled 20,200km (12,600mi), after all. Passing through concrete and other solid obstacles is hard... Continue Reading →

Advancement of technology in Biology

Experts on the World Economic Forum’s Council on Biotechnology have selected 10 developments which they believe could help not only meet the rapidly growing demand for energy, food and healthcare, but also increase productivity and create new jobs, should issues such as regulatory certainty, public perception and investment be tackled successfully. In this blog post,... Continue Reading →

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