Martin Frankel, an eccentric swindler stole more than Rs 12899660000.00 from insurance and Others.

  Martin Frankel, an eccentric swindler who stole more than $200 million from insurers and others to buy a Greenwich estate and fill it with luxury autos, jewels, furs and kinky girlfriends, is back in jail just weeks after his release from a 17-year prison sentence. Frankel, who a psychiatrist once testified "doesn't appreciate how... Continue Reading →

Elisabeth Fritzl — Who Spent 24 Years In Her Father’s Prison

The daughter of Josef Fritzl, Elizabeth. She was lured by her father when she was 18 into a chamber under their house where she was locked in for 24 years. And in those 24 years she was raped, brutally abused and was forced to bear multiple children with her own father, some of the babies... Continue Reading →

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