The biggest mistake in history of technology

The public launch of Microsoft 98 was failed. Bill Gates was demonstrating Windows 98 at the Comdex computer industry trade show in Chicago. When one of employees was attempting to connect the scanner to the successor of Windows 95. Suddenly unexpected messages were being displayed on the screen and everyone in the room got to... Continue Reading →

The worst king in Indian history – Jaichand Gahadwal

“Jaichand Gahadwal” ruler of Kannauj, father of“ Sahyogita” yeah Princess of kannauj who eloped with Delhi Naresh ‘Prithviraj Chauhan',Maternal grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan, Raja Anangpal gave Delhi to him. In this grudge, “Jaichand ”became enemy of “Prithviraj”. He wanted to finish Prithviraj and affair of Prithviraj with Sahyogita came as a big insult to him.... Continue Reading →

Nation which is going to dominate in the 21st century

Geographical borders of countries change and a century is a lot of time for many new countries to be created, some even transforming themselves to a superpower. It is believed that, one nation that would dominate the 21st century is Germany. Let us see how will that work. For a nation to dominate the world,... Continue Reading →

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