Doy you know that India is the birth place of current day technology?

Indian inventions and discoveries have been instrumental in shaping the face of the current modern world. We picked up 11 such interesting findings out of a whole bunch that will make you go, “I didn’t know that”. 1. Prefabricated home and movable structure In 16th century Mughal India, during the reign of Akbar, the first prefabricated... Continue Reading →

Advancement of Technology in Health care services

Connected health or technology-enabled care (TEC) is the collective term for telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth, digital health and eHealth services. TEC involves the convergence of health technology, digital media and mobile devices and is increasingly seen as an integral part of the solution to many of the challenges facing the health, social care and wellness sectors, especially in enabling more effective integration... Continue Reading →

IPS (Indoor Positioning System) most advanced technology where GPS can’t, is coming soon

The American Global Positioning System and its Russian cohort GLONASS have two fundamental flaws: They don’t work indoors, and they only really operate in two dimensions. Now, these limitations are fair enough; we’re talking about an extremely weak signal that has traveled 20,200km (12,600mi), after all. Passing through concrete and other solid obstacles is hard... Continue Reading →

Advancement of technology in Biology

Experts on the World Economic Forum’s Council on Biotechnology have selected 10 developments which they believe could help not only meet the rapidly growing demand for energy, food and healthcare, but also increase productivity and create new jobs, should issues such as regulatory certainty, public perception and investment be tackled successfully. In this blog post,... Continue Reading →

Technology Facts that will Blow Your Mind

The world’s future children will one day be surprised to learn that a world outside of technology. That the mobile phones, computers and TVs we know and love did not define human lives. Technology has come a long way over the years, which is why The List Love is offering 10 technology facts that will... Continue Reading →

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